How Much Should You Pay for an English Bulldog

English bulldogs make popular pets because they are photogenic in a distinctive and iconic way, and they are docile and friendly. They are, however, expensive to breed and this means that they can be quite expensive to buy as well.

How Much Care The English Bulldogs Require?

Unfortunately, English bulldogs are hard to look after. Many buyers are interested in them because of their charming looks – but they require a lot of looking after, and they will need special attention because their energy levels are irregular, and they are more susceptible to some medical issues than other dogs; especially if they were purchased from an irresponsible breeder. It takes three years for a bulldog puppy to grow in to a mature animal, and they have a short life expectancy – just 7 to 10 years as opposed to 20 plus for other breeds of dog.

Bulldogs have small litters – on average a bulldog will produce just four or five pups, and the healthiest pups come from breeders that breed just one litter every two years. This ensures that the litter gets the right amount of attention, since once the mother has delivered, the litter will need round the clock assistance from a human for the first few days, and ongoing assistance for another eight weeks.

AKC Certified Breeder

You can expect to pay up to $4,000 for a female English bulldog, or more from an AKC certified breeder. These are expensive dogs and they need a lot of care and attention. The breeder has to take care of the dog, and most breeders will have to use artificial insemination to start the process. Around 90 percent of all litters need delivered by C-section, and there are scans and tests to be paid for too, as well as the issues of ongoing care for the dog. It is important to understand that taking care of a bulldog is an ongoing job.

There are five main personality types that seem to be the most dominant in English bulldogs. Some are a little dominant and rebellious, which makes them a good guard dog. Some are independent therefore quite good as a comparatively low maintenance bulldog (Although you will still need to give it a lot of care compared to other breeds), some are docile, and therefore good for an older couple that wants a pet. Some are highly affectionate, which makes them a good pet for a household with a child. Some are anxious, and will not enjoy living in a household where the owner is away a lot.

Try to visit the breeder and see a few of the dogs. Adopt the one that is an immediate fit for you – regardless of the gender. Remember that this is a dog you are going to own for several years so it makes sense to try to find one that you will get on with well – whether that means a make or a female does not matter – any English bulldog will love living with a resposible owner. For detail information visit