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Reasons Why is Gold Jewelry is Better than Artificial Jewelry

There’s fine jewelry, and then there’s artificial or costume jewelry. There are many categories of fine jewelry, and one of them is gold. When you spend money on gold jewelry, you’ll pay more for it than fake or costume, and that’s because it’s an investment. So if you need convincing as to why gold jewelry is better than artificial jewelry, here are some reasons why.

Gold Jewelry Is an Investment

Artificial jewelry is never an investment unless it is vintage. Even then, it is not constructed the same as gold jewelry and must be handled with extreme care. Gold jewelry, just by its nature, is always an investment. If you own a piece of gold jewelry, it will last forever and can be passed down from generations to generations without concern for damage. Of course, all jewelry should be properly taken care of, but if you’ve found an old gold necklace in your grandmother’s jewelry box that hasn’t been worn in 30 years and that has never been cleaned, it will still be in excellent condition.

Gold Jewelry Doesn’t Change

When you purchase artificial jewelry, there’s a high chance that it will change color over time. That doesn’t happen with gold. Gold, whether it’s 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K, or whether it’s yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, etc., it doesn’t tarnish, rust or fall victim to corrosion. It will remain the same color forever.

Gold Jewelry Looks Expensive

You can fool people with artificial jewelry for only so long. Eventually, it changes color, and you’re left with jewelry that didn’t look as good as it did when you bought it. Gold jewelry, with it’s shiny, bold appearance, looks expensive because it is expensive. As we’ve said, when you buy gold jewelry, it’s an investment.

Gold Jewelry is Shiny but Not Too Shiny

Artificial jewelry is made with cheap materials, such as inexpensive alloys or painted plastic. The “gold” is often gleaming and fake. Gold jewelry is shiny, but not too shiny. When you wear a piece of gold, it blends with your clothing in a classy way. Of course, too much of anything is never a good thing. If you’re essentially sporting a gold jewelry store on your body, that’s overkill.

Gold Jewelry is Sturdy

One of the primary ways gold jewelry is better than artificial jewelry is that it is heavier and sturdier. Cheap jewelry is made with materials that are not as heavy as gold. So it’s weight and durability is not as strong. Often fake jewelry doesn’t hang as well on your clothing as gold jewelry does. Furthermore, clasps and closures on phony jewelry often break. That doesn’t happen with gold.

Gold Jewelry Doesn’t Affect Your Skin

Often, fake or artificial jewelry is made of materials that react negatively to your skin. You wear an artificial ring, only to find that it’s turned part of your finger green. A gold ring would never do that.

These are just some of the reasons why gold jewelry is better than artificial jewelry. So never feel guilty when you buy gold! For more information visit