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After The FPGA Programming Basics Are Learned Many Generations Of Products Can Be Built

There are quite a few different ways that a company can bring a product to market, especially one that has some complicated electronics. In some cases, they go ahead and develop the product with its own chip or integrated circuit. This takes an enormous amount of time since the chip will have to be designed, tested, and then manufactured, sometimes at a huge cost and considerable expense. Another way, is to start with an IC, integrated circuit, that can be field programed after it’s already been designed and manufactured. This usually saves a huge amount of time in both design and testing, plus when it comes to manufacturing, there can be great cost savings as well.

Here Is A Basic Summary Of FPGA Technology

FPGA stands for field programmable gate array, but basically it’s a chip that can serve many hundreds of purposes in thousands of applications since it can be programmed after manufacture. In that case the same chip could be used on an automobile, or in as assembly line, or maybe a remote control for a drone, the sky is the limit. These chips are very versatile in their many uses and can be adapted to hundreds or even thousands of products.

Then, instead of having a large custom chip design crew, plus a testing laboratory, and then contracting out to a chip maker at a high, custom made, cost, these very inexpensive FPGA chips can be purchased and programmed to fit the need instead. They are very flexible and many times the same chip can be used over several generations of products with only a change in FPGA programming basics for each new generation.

New programming can also be used to update older models of a product as well. As new products are introduced from a company, many times their programming is an improvement over past models as well. With FPGA IC’s installed, the devices can be upgraded with new programming, sometimes and many as 25 times or more.

Another Benefit Is That The Programmers Don’t Need To Learn A New Language

With proprietary chip design and manufacturing, it possible with each new design a whole new programming code would need to be developed. However, with FPGA, once the programmers have learned the basic FPGA programming codes they can continue to improve their FPGA programming basics with each new product without having to learn more programming. This saves tons of time in the research and development phases of bringing out new products and gives them a technology advantage at the same time.

While their competitors are struggling with manufacturing, programming, and design problems, a company using reusable IC’s can be up and running with product after product. They’ll have lower expenses, faster turn around, and even more reliability since the chips they are using have a wider range of applications and get tested longer and with more various uses.

If you’re in the process of manufacturing your own product that will use an IC, it would be a smart idea to check on one with IFGA programming in order to cut costs, increase reliability, and decrease time to market.

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